Jimi Hendrix

Starting at Zero

‘For anyone interested in Jimi Hendrix this is essential reading. It’s Jimi’s voice and I recognise a lot of what he’s saying. It’s not like the books that tell you what he did on every day of the week, and it’s not someone’s opinion either. All those other books give very little insight into the person he was but this allows us a very real glimpse of Jimi, or as much as any outsider is likely to get. It’s the nearest we’re going to get to a posthumous autobiography.’ (Roger Mayer)
‘A remarkable new memoir that traces the iconic musician’s life. The reading experience feels intimate and immediate, written and spoken by a thoughtful and articulate artist during times of feast, famine, and fame. This is an essential primary source for any devoted Hendrix fan, but will also appeal to those with a more casual interest.’ (Publishers’ Weekly)
‘The virtue of this book is its revelation of the restless, curious, creative, self-contradictory mind of a musical genius as he grappled with fame, fellow musicians, inspiration, doubt and life under the competing spotlights of adulation and criticism. A must-read for fans and scholars of classic rock.’ (Kirkus)
‘In thoughtful and expressive letters, lyrics, interviews and reflections, Hendrix illuminates his dreams, love of science fiction and fairy tales, the stories behind his songs and now-legendary performances, the surreal highs and lows of touring and stardom. Always ahead of the curve, Hendrix wryly pondered death: “When I die, just keep on playing the records.”’ (Booklist)