Jimi Hendrix

Starting at Zero

The film and the book, under the working title Room Full Of Mirrors and now re-titled Starting At Zero, were developed in tandem between 1989 and 1995. By 1995 the Hendrix Estate had changed hands and since then has been under the administration of the Hendrix family. It has not been possible to release Starting At Zero until a landmark court arbitration order in 2011 finally returned to us the full rights to the project.

The film Starting At Zero was a rough cut when it was shelved nearly twenty years ago. It has been a major task to re-locate and re-master all the material to produce the best possible quality sound and image. That task is very close to completion.

The death of Alan Douglas on June 7, 2014, was a terrible blow for all of us in the Starting At Zero team. Quite naturally, work on the film has been delayed, but we are now fully back on track. We are committed to delivering the film exactly as originally planned.